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Sennheiser HD 485

Lacking a headphone at the moment, I went to a Dutch audio store (Expert) yesterday to buy myself a professional headphone. I’ve had much pleasure with Sennheiser products in the past, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I narrowed down my wishlist in 10minutes to Sennheiser! Still … they had about 8 different models in the store from as low as €25 to as high as €200!

The one I liked price/value wise, was the budget Sennheiser HD201 model. Eventually, I went home though with the Sennheiser HD485 costing a €89 :|
That rarely happens to me; going home with something that costs 3 times as much after proper product presales research. However, I was listening to a piece of Pavarotti in the store, and the bass / mid / high levels, balance, circumaural design and therefore the actual listening experience of the HD485 was terrific! Exactly what I was looking for to make my synthesizer sound amazing.

Some links for people who are also searching for a good headphone:






update: Yes … I am aware the HD485 is sold online for €54, but I couldn’t wait another day to play my synth! So no regrets at my end!

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