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My Bucket List – June 2010

I’m Dutch (from Netherlands, Europe) and English is not my native language. So when I first heard the phrase “Bucket list” I was scratching the back of my head, and thinking:

“Bucket … yeah I know what that is. And list … is a word I know as well, but what the hack is a bucket list?!”

I’ll continue that story later  … for people who HAVE heard about the bucket list, I’m going to quickly jot down some things as I’m quite busy with my FUN business. I don’t sell good stories, I just DO IT! Infact this is a list and visionboard of June 2010. Yes it needs an update!

Charity & contribution:


  • Attract positive international leaders → (Oct 2011)
  • I create money easily and effortlessly → (Jul 2010)
  • My business creates freedom for me → (Dec 2011)

Body, Mind & Spirit:

  • I have a great health → Feb 2011 + 10 years extra == Feb 2021
  • I’m financially free (no stress) → (Oct 2011)

Friends & family life:

  • Be open to receive and give love to the most wonderful soulmate in the world → Jun 2012
  • Help mom to be morgage free
  • Be able to spend visit the people I love globally to hang out in winebars, go out to opera, musicals, campfire on the beach, long walks in the park together


  • Location independent entrepreneur → (Feb 2012)
  • Have luxury penthouse in Cyprus → (May 2012)
  • Cruise Europe in a motorhom

Music & Multimedia:

  • Take violin lessons
  • Setup my own amateur music studio → 2015, 2018, 2021
  • Become a master video creator →  (Oct 2011)

Freedom goals:

  • Live in Peles-alike castle (Romania)
  • Fly in a Bell 222a heli myself
  • Fly in private jets
  • Fly first class
  • Travel to the moon with Virgin Galactic
  • Rent a Cruisers Yachts Express 560
  • Learn snowboarding
  • Own and play with Jet ski’s

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