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My Vision Board 2012

If you cannot envision where you want to be at, it’s going to be difficult to take the action to get there.


2011 — for me — was pretty much about living other people’s dreams. I was doing the things I excel at; hardcore ‘nerding’ at several IT projects. But in the process of being busy (and making other people very happy), I also stopped thinking about what I want to do for myself and where I want to be. Result? Going full circle, and being pretty much stuck where I’ve never seem to have left. So I’ve set things in motion for change. Starting with ‘my current office space’, but there’s a whole lot more to come this year.

The idea ain’t new, the way I suddenly ‘saw it’ (read: visualised) is. A friend of mine told me, she had some doubts if a tablet was a suitable device for me (cause I was all about creating content, programming, etc.) … so combined with the idea of winning the new year’s lottery I pictured MY ultimate lifestyle: I envisioned myself at a 5-star beach, with an iPad WiFi on my lap catching up with friends. Being able to put it away after 10 minutes, to play beach volleyball, etc. A picture says more than a thousand words?


This is summer 2012:


<image EOL>

It adds perfectly upon my old visionboard (June 2010):

<image EOL>

Opposed to other years, I will no longer publish my list of specific goals and deadlines, as a lot of them are very personal, and I like to ‘tell my tale’ with pictures where I have been, instead of just daydreaming.

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