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My Specific 2012 Goals Q3

Was browsing the web, and screening a blog of beginning Internet Marketer and caught myself of not having specific public goals! Of course I already have a vision boarda bucket list, and specific short term goals in my Google Tasks App, but — as she mentions profoundly — publishing them publically is like a promise to myself and you, so that we can work together to achieve our aims.

 When you don’t know how to setup a goals list then I highly recommend my blogpost “Goal setting is for losers or this external article (where I also found the nice picture at the left). Here’s my list for the remainder of 2012:

Home based business Goals

  • Expand our Talk Fusion team from 42 in all 217(?) countries worldwide
  • Become a Talk Fusion Diamond before November 26th 2012: European convention
  • Expand my travel club group to 30 members. Get educated here what we do exactly

Internet marketing & website Goals

  • Get 100 positive reviews before the December 2012 at my Dutch Marktplaats.NL profile
  • Share my technical knowledge on maintaining and improving websites by helping communities
  • Seeking: Partnership with Wix designer to create replicated mini sites for an international client portfolio

Goals with Family & friends

  • help my mom to pay off her mortgage (and thus be financial free)
  • take my family on holiday 3 times before the end of the year
  • Spend time with my friends in Romania
  • Take the top 5 performers in my Talk Fusionteam  on a 5-star holiday in Europe every quarter

Personal Development Events

  • Attend the … in USA 2012/08 (more info soon)
  • Attend the Millionaire Bootcamp event in Singapore in 2012/09 with 5 teammembers
  • Attend the Talk Fusion European NOW! event in Prague, CZ at 2012/10/26-28


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