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My Bucket List & Goals Q1 2013

Yup! I’m early with my new years resolutions this year. I’m not unhappy about 2012, but — just like anybody else — there’s a lot I’ve not been able to achieve … just yet. My biggest trap has been planning to far ahead into the future.

Time is passing by way too fast! Next to blogging about weekly achievements, I’m also not going to plan beyond Q1.

Dead simple!

The reason why is literally “dead simple”, from now on, I’m gonna live as if I’m dying. Which is indeed a quote from this amazing song and movie.

You can do as I do? Or do something else.

Travel, trips and events

Actually … let’s split those up. Most events are holidays, but also want to meet & greet and have city trips without doing anything else!

  • Week Turkey (February) … achievedwas fun!


  • be debt-free end of January 2013 (still have about $9k to go) … getting close!


  • Have 30 likes at my EKPC.NL FaceBook fanpage < 2012-01 … achieved!
  • Have 50 review to my MarktPlaats.NL advertisement < 2012-01 … getting close!


To be continued …


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