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Blogging Steroids: Digitally Imported Live Radio Streaming

Ernie … how can you deliver so much great blog content in a short amount of time?

Great question!

Blogging Vitamines

Music is an universal language! But also my ‘rhythm’ when typing. Checkout my playlist to find out what my favorite songs are.

Blogging Steroids

There’s a song for every occasion though! And when blogging I usually have my headset ‘plugged into’ DI.FM


This is what I prefer when listening to this only radio station. There’s a taste for everyone:


But there are other ways as well.


Actually there’s no quick way to listen to DI.FM on itunes (except opening the stream in iTunes). However iTunes does just have the radio tab and filter on music style:



You’re still using WinAmp!? My gosh that’s so old skool! But yes … it does get the job done in playing .pls DI.FM files. Just click on the 96K streams on the DI.FM sites to open them.


July 2013: number of radio stations has expanded


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