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Search Engine Optimization Q&A

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nofollow … dofollow … have you figured IT out yet?

Even I get confused at times …

Search Engine Optimization Q&A

But … thankfully I can plug into our mastermind.

from SEO perspective?

Should all external links at any website linking to eachother contain rel=”nofollow” ? cause if so, then how does back-linking work? if links aren’t followed? me/confused.com

Answer within minutes on Skype …

internal link can be nofollow from frontpage to subpages, and dofollow from subpages to frontpage. But, if that technical difficult  – then set everyone to dofollow – does not really matter. What is important is when you get EXTERNAL links to your site – those must be dofollow to have good impact

It´s also good to mix variaton with different keywords from different sites – do not use exact phrase for all external pages, Google don´t like that.

Hmm … 

and default is dofollow? or do I need to add a tag for it explicitly?

Answer within seconds on Skype …

normally dofollow is default  – but , yes – you can view source code and look if it set to nofollow , if not then is dofollow

nofollow need a nofollow-tag in the a href


How to Use Nofollow Tags and Why You Need Them….


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