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ChromeBook ChromeOS or Linux Alternative to DreamWeaver App


Introduction: mind farts leading up to this

So over the past 48 hours of fiddling around with Linux on my Acer C720P ChromeBook, having tried all the several distro’s from the Ubuntu stables, I find myself in favor of Ubuntu flavor Unity.

Linux Alternative to Windows Apps

Mind you, I didn’t really plan to run Linux on my ChromeBook. It just sorta happened. And after working out that I can now run Skype, I also figured, I can use my Litecoin Wallet, Teamviewer, FireFox + extensions … and before I knew it, I pretty much, no longer see a reason to keep my Dell D630 Hackintosh with me either. It would just be 2.5KG of excessive baggage when traveling to Spain by airplane.

Dreamweaver Virtualisation?

So I ran into this video online about how to virtualise Dreamweaver CS5 in Linux Ubuntu:

Easy peasy after installing the latest WINE build. Infact too easy Still had a few other tabs open with alternatives, like online IDEs! Ghe! That’s funny. Was researching exactly that last week, but took too much time then. Seeing a few cool products at thread and the one catching my eye is “neutron drive” with a feature set that has exactly what  I’ve looking for …

Neutron Drive Quick Overview

Which was voted a 4 out of 5 stars Google Chrome App
of the year in 2012 by Google’s own developers!
(very ‘nerdy’ review below)

Conclusion: DW alternative found!

Goodbye Dreamweaver on Linux, goodbye experimental ShiftEdit, and welcome … tomorrow I shall be migrating everything to Google Drive.

Other sources for Online alternatives


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