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Can a ChromeBook with TouchScreen Replace an Apple iPad Retina?

Of course it can. Everything is possible! But do I want to?

What You Cannot Do with ChromeBook

What exactly can’t you do with a ChromeBook compared to iOS7? And I’m gonna be specific how I use my iPad Retina.

Limitations compared to iOS7

  • no support for Skype … update: IMO.IM rulez!
  • no support for FaceBook Video either … but who cares
  • no video player like OPlayer HD … update: mp4 native support!
  • no proper  ‘habit streak’ app
  • no iBooks! … but not used much
  • no iTunes … update: spotify, only streaming, etc.
  • no video editing (iMovie, video intro’s, videofyme) … update: untrue!
  • no TeamViewer … update: but Chromitium, 2xClient, VNC, RDP
  • no AirPlay … Chromecast any good?
  • no AirPrint … update: Google CloudPrint
  • no Retina display
  • no satnav/gps/navigation software
  • no Pages / Keynote … but instead Google equivalent
  • no virtual synth/MIDI apps … update: untrue! (not great though)

What a ChromeBook does better than iOS7

  • Overall faster user experience for Internet Marketers
  • Who needs apps for specific things when there are websites?
  • Google Calendar. It’s just what I’ve used for half a decade & love
  • Blogging
  • Coding

Conclusion: Can a ChromeBook with TouchScreen Replace an Apple iPad?

With my current requirements? Yes! But I definitely need / want a Apple iPod 5th Generation! 16GB version doesn’t suffice. Has to be a 32-64GB the least because of the 5Mp iSight cam, which will be a huge upgrade to my current back facing cam of my iPad 3rd Gen that will be leaving me after 22 months of intensive usage. Mostly for watching series. LOL

Why an iPod instead of an iPhone? not using it’s phone capability (I use SkypeIN and FaceBook chat), and 2 years ago, before I had my first (current still) iPad? I owned a iPod Touch 4th Generation which I loved at the time too for what it did. Requirements have changed. And iPad Mini is too big; it has to fit in a pocket so I can take more pics and spontaneous vids.


Well let you know when I’ve sold my iPad and purchased it iPod. And if these changes ‘affect’ me or my flow somehow

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