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Bitcoin-Economy Advanced Course User Review

Was able to get my hands on these “Advanced Course” modules at the Bitcoin-Economy Platform. As you can read here, been looking forward to these for a while! As the “Basic Course” is a little bit boring when you know a lot about bitcoin already (or good with googling).

The Advanced Bitcoin Course

This is what the Bitcoin-Economy Course reads:

Course content among others:

  • The in and outs of mining
  • Cold storage
  • Blockchain in and outs
  • Deep transactions
  • And more…

Price of the Advance course is $95 per month or $975 per year ($165 discount)  and will be available … it is already (was going to be April)

Advanced Course User Review

So how good is it?

Great Made a ton of notes during the 6th course module for further due diligence, and already at the 12th out of 22. So got the value for my money already. Like to know more? You have to buy it.

At $95 you (currently) get ~ 2 hours of coaching from leading experts (two out of three founders I have huge respect for). And … let’s jump straight to the conclusion cause I have a surprise


Summarized: Bitcoin-Economy rekindled my enthusiasm  for not just bitcoin, but the entire crypto currency  scene. So I’m for eternal grateful.

Having shared that? They are still not going in-depth as much as I want them to, and lagging behind on certain developments (altcoin mining). More over I got a little tired of making suggestions at the co-founder group, that are just being ignored or not dealt with accordingly. It seems to primarily consists of networkers and home based business users (that know little about bitcoin and learn slowly). That’s okay … I guess that’s most people, but I’m not “most people”, I’m part of that group of technies whom need more ‘input’.

So if I hadn’t left that FB group? I would never have had learned so much AND be able to launch our teamsite as quickly as I’m doing now. And still become Bitcoin-Economy certified in the mean while. So I can now teach more people faster about all the other crypto currency. To pickup where Bitcoin-Economy left of. More about teamsite later next month, but it’s included for FREE for any of my teammembers. Get the Facts & Join Us

(as the infrastructure of Bitcoin-Economy cannot be beaten. So we ‘use’
their foundations to build a bigger better team with extra API benefits)

To be continued …

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