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Mobius Action Camera 1080P Full HD (30fps) Mini Sports Cam Review (GoPro Alternative)

While just writing the Dutch “Where To Buy” your GridSeed ASIC miner article, I ran into a reliable reseller at the Dutch equivalent of Ebay (MarktPlaats) also selling a pocket cam that seems to go to be true.

Mobius Action Camera Product Information

The Mobius ActionCam is everything you could ever ask for in a mini camera. At 2x1x1 inches big and weighing only 1.2oz, it’s both smaller and lighter than the average deck of playing cards — and packed full with an incredible array of features. It can record video in super sharp 1080p HD resolution and includes WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) for recording in low light situations. A time lapse option allows you to take still photographs at timed intervals, and for recording fast-moving scenes (such as when driving) the camera comes equipped with a setting for shooting at 720p and 60 frames per second — ensuring you can spot even the briefest details during playback. It can also be connected to your computer in order to shoot live video.

One of the most popular uses of the Mobius ActionCam is for use in your car as a powerful dash cam. With the Mobius ActionCam at your side, roadside disputes no longer need to rely on word of mouth, harassment by authorities can be documented on video and audio, and hit-and-run perpetrators can now be identified with ease.

All of this and more makes Mobius ActionCam an essential passenger in your automobile.

Video: The Mobius ActionCam records in either 1080p HD resolution at 30fps, or in 720p at 60fps. By shooting in 60fps (frames per second) you can achieve excellent slow-motion results and analyze footage frame-by-frame. Additionally, when shooting in wide angle recording, the bitrate for the Mobius ActionCam is nearly 18,000 kbps, which is over 3 times higher than the recommended bitrate for HD YouTube videos (5,000 kbps). All of these features for under $100 makes the Mobius ActionCam one of the most cost-effective video cameras on the market.

Battery Life: The Mobius can record for up to 80 minutes at a time, and its battery life can be increased by adding a power bank (not included), or by connecting it to a power source, such as your car’s power adaptor, which allows it to record indefinitely.

Audio Quality: The Mobius records CD-quality audio at 512Kbps PCM, ensuring that you hear everything in ultra crisp clarity.

Ideal For Use in a Car: When coupled with the Mobius ActionCam car adaptor (not included), your camera transforms into a powerful dash cam. Watch the road with two sets of eyes, and ensure that you always have a record of anything that happens while you’re driving. And by plugging the Mobius ActionCam into your car’s power adaptor, the camera will automatically start or stop recording based on whether your car is turned on, meaning you can plug it in, sit back and enjoy the drive without worry.

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Mounts and Accessories: Included with the Mobius is an attachment sleeve, velcro mount, and USB cable. Additional accessories available include a bike handlebar mount, car mount, helmet mount, mini tripod, car adaptor and waterproof case (coming soon).

More information from manufacturer:

Okay … but what do their users say?

Mobius Action Camera Real-Life User Reviews


+ Excellent 1080p video quality (True Full HD).
+ Great low light video quality (night).
+ Crystal clear sound recording.
+ Tons of options (customization).
+ Could be used as webcam.
+ Direct to the point. Very subtle and not distracting at all.
+ Wide angle view.
+ WDR mode. This is responsible for the great picture color.
+ Excellent seller (SpyTec), the only seller as of this writing.
+ Price is reasonable (versus eBay, no Prime, and will come from Hong Kong).


× No image stabilization. It’s cool if you like to record every bump on the road.
× 720p mode is virtually useless.
× Cannot compensate to direct sunlight. Again, cool if you like the blinding sun.
× No instructions. Confusing if you’re stupid.
× .MOV container – which requires Apple on your machine if you use 3rd party “legal” software.
× Non-replaceable battery (but it is user serviceable).
× Comes with only the basic accessories, which makes it —
× — A bit expensive for its class.


± Heat sink gets really hot when in, and after use.
± A 5-minute 1080p video with sound generates around 560 MB.
± To use as webcam, remove the microSD. Or push a button (which you have to figure out).
± I wish the windshield mount was included. You have to put it high. I put it under my rear-view camera.

source: Amazon

Great intel! But let what about actual video quality?

Mobius Action Video Quality

A few vids I found on YouTube.

Short Test Video (no sound)

Perfect for RC planes and multirotators (your own drone)

Full Review

More Full Text Reviews

Going in-depth on accessoires, user community, etc.


It’s for sale in The Netherlands in retail stores for €80-90 and at


for €60-70. Ordered mine!

EBay: (US) or (UK)

… ordered mine!

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