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Connect Give Share Team Incentives for IC-Toolsuite, MAP, Stiforp and Talk Fusion

The attrition in our IC-Toolsuite team has been very high over the past few months (or retention very low) aka … people quit within 30-90 days. For the same as with all other opportunities to earn money online. They don’t know what they want (their goals), or what they bought. You need one of these but preferably both. I’m above average, cause I never lose money and always make more money than costs in any opportunity I’ve ever been in. And there’s reason for it …

IC-Toolsuite: Get Paid to Blog! (For REAL)

If you read books like 4HWW by Timothy Ferris or “The Laptop Millionaire” by Mark Anastasi? Then you know that to build a successful online business you need web tools and systems. 

What is IC-Toolsuite anyway?

The fact you might have this question scares me (if you’ve been a member) before. Do never join companies or teams whom only promote a payplan! Instead join companies who provide product value. Or ask yourself:

Would I join this company to purchase their product / service, even if I wouldn’t get paid?

Anyway … IC-Toolsuite is an internet marketing toolkit to promote any person, brand or business. It has products like: professional webhosting (to host your own your own professional WordPress blog), FREE domainname, 2TB cloud backup for Windows and Mac (so you will never lose a file again), leadcapture page software, etc. etc.

Maybe you’re thinking right now:

I already got hosting … or I already got a blog!

Cool! Migrate it to WordPress @ IC-Toolsuite. Saves you money, and turns your costs with silly affiliate plans, into profit generating assets (with upto 300% commissions)! Just a suggestion

And if you build a blog like I do (you’re on my blog right now)? It will actually generate you money (more on that later). Don’t have access yet to all the professional features of IC-Toolsuite? At least upgrade to the $100 board. The $50 board is just an introduction to the company. All the great stuff you get when you upgrade to the second part. It will not change the low monthly subscription fee of $25, AND qualifies you for higher board payouts. Like to know more? Tune in here for the company products overview.

IC-Toolsuite 30-day Blueprint / Success Formula

IC-Toolsuite’s 30-day blueprint covers all the product basics. Plus they have extensive step-by-step guides how to setup your own professional websites, sales funnels, etc. Everything you need to be successful online. Screenshot of the backend touching specifically on WordPress:

Our Connect Give Share IC-Toolsuite: incentives

We have several ongoing incentives that you might not be aware about (and are in our FaceBook group).

Incentive #1: Our own FREE leadcapture page system …

…. with done for you follow up. … and without id? It feeds the rotator (Read more later on).

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Incentive #2: FREE Professional WordPress consultancy by DigitalNomad.Pro

How much does it cost to hire a WordPress professional that assists you with taking your basic blog to the next level with a professional design, better plugins, etc. ? The answer is $60-100 … per hour!

IF you’re not gonna build the business? Cause you are maybe enthusiastic about the product benefits (like most of us are)? Then that’s cool too.  
Just for our teammembers only, we are going to come up with a new incentive, cause even if you follow all the IC training with regards to wordpress? You still need / want to apply all the stuff from the … but then you might need a grade in higher mathematics.

I am an outsourcer (amongst many other job descriptions). You can either pay me a few grand and I will make you a kick ass website … or … you upgrade to the $500 board, and next to all the benefits IC offer you and higher payouts? I will build you a nice pro looking custom theme + custom plugins website …. complimentairy (and only if I’m not too busy). Another complimentary team service. So IC-ToolSuite? Ain’t a toy … far from it.

Incentive #3: Our Team Build / Rotator

A question that we got a lot:

What happened to the team build / rotator anyway? Never got any results from it!

You must first understand what a rotator actually is. We wrote an article about that here. Your link probably is in the rotator, but without traffic? Or just 1 single person promoting the rotator, it’s very likely to get any signups. So the ‘trick’ is to advertise the IC-Toolsuite pages. More on that in the next chapter …

Other toolsuites and fantastic tools

Another often heard argument within the (former) Connect Give Share website, is that users first wanted to focus on 1 single opportunity before starting the next one. Which is okay … but focus? Is overrated. What you need are results … right?

Build your own rotator & Get More Leads

You want to know what the most powerful rotator is? Not your upline’s, but the rotators you build for your own teams! That was my sole reason in 2013 to partner up with Stiforp. They offer you a lot of cunning extra smaller tools, that IC-Toolsuite doesn’t. How much does it cost ? $10/month ! And easy to setup (incl. giving priorities), check out this screenshot:

AND without ever recruiting anybody you can earn upto $2,047.50 per month RESIDUAL. But you will signup all your teammates cause they want that rotator script too! So you get paid to promote the rotator (is a product sale). Another stream of income to use for advertising. No wonder we call this: … which is a special version of another custom scripted rotator provided by

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Half of my Stiforp team? Is all thanks due the fully automated rotator of my upline (that has been working since 2011!). And all those leads and signups? Are yours! They have the basic tools, but they want bigger bad-ass tools. They all want IC-Toolsuite (although they don’t know that yet … you gotta tell them, as I tell you right now)! Sign up here for your stiforp account rotator, free leads. Infact … I’m using a free wordpress plugin (hosted at my IC-Toolsuite blog) at the top of this page that promote the fore mentioned stiforp link. How much extra effort does it cost? ZERO!

But wait … there’s more …

Get Paid to Advertise & Downline Builder script

There are a lot of ways and tools to advertise your business. We covered a few here and here. But there’s a new one in town! Called “My Advertising Pays”. Some of you have an alienated opinion about this, cause some so called ‘experts’. Have a bad opinion about this. They didn’t do a lot of due diligence … I have! MAP is not an investment scheme; but a traffic exchange!

A traffic exchange website receives website submissions from webmasters that join traffic exchange networks. The person who submitted the website then has to browse other member sites on the exchange program to earn credits, which enable their sites to be viewed by other members through the surf system. This increases the number of visitors to all the sites involved. ~ source:

Checkout my full review of MAP here. So in short? You can get paid to view ads from others, as they are getting paid to view yours! Which ones? Doh! IC-Toolsuite? Or maybe Stiforp? That’s what I am promoting:

What about your own downline builder for upto 5 opportunities for your referred MAP members?

Are you starting to understand that none of these tools conflict eachother? They actually help you to build all your business … faster!

Increase your ratio’s and create sense of urgency

Last but not least; click the pic below …

FACT: Gartner Research has proven that Video email has a 280% higher response ratio than traditional boring black & white emails. So GVO, Getresponse, Aweber … all neat. Talk Fusion beats them all! (and they’ve been market leader for 8 years)

Summary: How much does it cost?

Irrelevant! Those who ask this question, are not focused on value. But if you insist? It’s peanuts …

  • IC-Toolsuite: $25 per month and one-time $50+$100 = $175 your 1st month
  • Stiforp: $9.95 per month and one-time $40 = $50 your 1st month.
  • MAP:  $50 per credit pack gives you free advertising credits to promote whatever you like
  • Talk Fusion: $25 per month and one-time $125 = $150 first month

Total cost 1st month and first month only: $425USD ~ 312EUR one-time for your own turn key business model. Cause if you do this right (as I’m telling you to do it)? And recommend your team to do the same? You will have no more costs, and be at least break-even in the first month! And after that? Make $100s of dollars in profit RESIDUALLY. Have you own cash generation machine virtually on auto-pilot!

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Just in teambonuses? The value is $10000s … and you get all that for free IF you take action!

 “What happened to Connect Give Share?!”

What do you mean? Oh … right, you can no longer login? :p Well that’s because any team build, also that of Connect Give Share, regardless of how much effort we put in to make it succeed? Is eventually doomed to fail, if people do not use the products we recommend.

As I just proven to you … it’s not difficult to setup a blog with IC-ToolSuite, to promote whatever it is you are in. It took me 3 hours once to write this entire blogpost. You? Can just copy/paste it, modify the links and done! So next time people ask you what deal you are in? What business you are building? The answer? You want to help them build theirs!!!!  Lead with value, and the money will follow … magically.

(Reverse) engineering your money flow!

Oh wait … almost forgot something. Both IC-ToolSuite and MAP accept SolidTrustPay:

So if you do this right? You signup into IC-Toolsuite with PayPal, you transfer your earnings to your STP wallet, which you then leverage into MAP for bigger profits, free advertising, more leads, for all your opportunities who all need the tools I described on this page.They all will be happy customers, guaranteeing you residual cashflows, catapult retention, have zero attrition. Get it?

Familiar with Archimedes’ Principle of Leverage?

P.S. and the other co-founder of TCGS? Arian Last? Is in all of them too …

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