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Is Blogging an Income Producing or Distracting Activity?

On the 3rd of December 2014 I shared this message on my FaceBook Wall:




3 months without blogging.

But can’t stand it any longer!!!

Gonna rebuild my blogs. Just have too much to share, and need to dump all my thoughts and keep track of my work and all.

To be continued … currently setting up the new server with SSD hosting for my good ol’ WordPress blog at the datacenter in Amsterdam.

Already revived my Google blogspot and will launch a Drupal blog too in datacenter in New York. Why? Because I can!

And for plenty of other reasons that will become clearer perhaps this month and otherwise in January exciting times ahead! To be continued ….

Thus it might raise the following question (if you’re a loyal follower of mine):

Is Blogging an Income Producing or Distracting Activity?

The answer … that depends … on a number of factors.

1) Your Blogging purpose

I use my blog solely for keeping track of my thoughts and undertakings. So it’s primarily to build my own online journal / diary / wiki. To trace back certain content over a longer period of time. And yes occasionally I write a review or share a tutorial. However due to combination of several niches / hobbies, the target audience is unclear (to Google) and thus indexing varies. Hence if other people stumble upon my content and benefit from it? That would be more than amazing, but it’s not my goal to blog for money.

2) Your Blogging Platform

There are many great blogging platforms: blogspot/blogger by Google (free), Tumblr (free), (free) and a diversity of hosted or DIY blogging platforms. I’m currently beta testing a diversity of platforms, but 1 thing is clear; to show up in Google a decade ago and today, you’re doing yourself a huge disservice if your platform ain’t WordPress based.

Notice: I will do a featured review on the “Top 5 WordPress blogging platforms” soon!

3) Design

With a clearly defined target audience design always matters. However, since that ain’t important in my case, I prefer a minimalistic design. I was thinking about getting Torch WP Theme, but couldn’t wrap my brain around the new design, so decided to stick with the old Tiga design for now.

4) Hosting

Knowing which blogging platform to chose brings us to next challenge; hosting.

… to be continued in 2015 … 

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