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My MAPS team updates and Quick FAQ: January 2015

Hi there!

there’s a high probability that if you’re reading this right now? That you’re on my team already cause I sent this out in a newsletter. And you received that email cause I’m the guy who referred you through My Advertising PayS (in short: MAPS).

However if you are brand new to all of this? You might enjoy how transparent and helpful I am

It’s time for a MASSIVE MAPS UPDATE!

for a number of reasons.

Is MAPS a scam / ponzi / illegal / fishy ?

For those who thought MAPS was ‘one of those things’, they celebrated their 1 year anniversary December 2014. And as there remain to be so many misunderstandings what MAPS is and what MAP is not? You can first enjoy these independent reviews:

Has your 30 free trial expired?

A lot of you have been in the system for a while; idling. Meaning? You’re 30-day trial period has expired. So to start earning money, either credits to advertise your own home based business or any kind of links? You need to at least upgrade to basic membership of $24.99 per year. There are other membership levels as well. You can check those out by going to your MAPS backend. And press the topleft green button saying: “membership levels”. Here a quick overview:

Multi-lingual video tutorials!

Having difficulty purchasing adpacks, or need more help to setup your account?

Great news as well! I’ve just finished programming: which has full blown step-by-step video tutorials in English, German, Bulgarian, French and Italian. So language is no longer a barriere! And if you’re Dutch? You can find more information at a temporary page:

How to you earn money and more advertising credits?

If it’s your sole purpose to only advertise your own links? You don’t have to browse 10 ads daily. However if you do, that’s how you earn more advertising credits too; 1-3 per view. If you do like to earn 120% per creditpack (which is $60 in income for $50 purchase, and thus $10 profit per pack) ? You must browse 10 ads daily (every 22-24 hours … so you have some hours overlap to browse for the next day). If you don’t for whatever the reason? You miss out on the revshare that day for the creditpacks purchased. And after a typical 60 day period your adpacks have expired.

Creditpacks have an Expiry Date!

Some of you, have purchased creditpacks, cause you wanted to earn money, you didn’t browse your 10 ads daily (which is an effort of 5 minutes to get 72 revshare micropayments per day; to get paid every 20 minutes), and your adpacks have expired. That sucks,  doesn’t it? Cause that means if you’re not advertising anything either,  it has only has costed you money. So pay close attention to that please. Don’t have 5 minutes of time per day to browse ads? Cannot make time? Then spend less time on FaceBook :-p

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MAPS is a ‘no recruiting’ business model!

The only variable in how much you get paid — if you do not refer other people through 1 level of affiliate commission (and obviously I do through my PrimeTime membership and thus get paid 10% commission — is how many adpacks you purchase. So it’s 100% depending on your own daily effort of 5 minutes. It’s not a MLM. You don’t have to ‘recruit’ / share / sell to anyone!

You want to earn dollar cents, or like top dollar / big money?

I got started with 1 adpack of $50. By clicking 10 ads daily you won’t earn a lot of money; cents really. That’s indeed a waste of time. So if you’re serious about earning money? Purchase at least 20-25 ad packs. Because then you will earn a new adpack every 1-3 days, so you can repurchase adpacks from profit, and that way you can create an expotentially growing income … all with the same daily efforts.

“Yeah … you’re only saying that so you earn more commission!”

That’s what I thought in the beginning too (when I got similar advice from the person who introduced me to it … also from Holland btw). However it’s our sole purpose to help you to get more results. If you become successful? I become a little more successful as well. If you don’t become successful? I gain nothing. So it’s a win-win situation.

Plus there’s an import upside as well. If you only got 1 adpack? Then to skip 1 day of surfing 10 ads daily? You won’t lose much. But if you can earn $20 per day with the same effort? You will move sky and earth (a Dutch saying :D) to get access to an iphone / tablet / computer with internet access to do your 5 minute thing. Losing money? No longer becomes an option then.

“But … I don’t have a lot of money?”

Tight on money? Cause $1000 might sound like a steep entry? That you might have spend already at another business model? And consider MAPS a shiny object / distraction? Then oh gosh Watch either the links above or below.

When you’re not getting results in your internet marketing business? Then you NEED MAPS. Online marketing is not about making sales of any kind, it’s about creating traffic and leads. You’re in the lead generation business!  And on all the free advertising campaigns I’ve got running thanks to MAPS? I get a 9.5-12% conversion ratio. That’s 1 out of 10! That beats any kind of solo ad (which are more expensive and have no revshare). Use MAPS to build your other businesses. It’s really a self funding proposal. We get paid to advertise to earn more money everywhere! Helloooooo?! If that doesn’t excite you, then you might as well quit on earning money online, cause you will never succeed if you deny yourself this cashcow and leadsgenerator.

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“Yes, but I really don’t have the money to purchase more adpacks at the moment!”

I understand. Have a look at this: … solves ALL your issues with 1 time purchase of $25 (through PayPal). Have questions? First consult the FAQ on that page. Plus you can further ‘funnel’ that money (tripling it) with this … which is also the same system I use to create custom leadcapture pages for MAPS. Cheaper, and far more effective then any other system.

Got any value from this information?

And last but certain not least? If you got any value from what I shared above? I’ve just been nominated for … and I’d appreciate it if you vote for me. Regretfully you can only cast a vote once. So if you haven’t yet? Browse to down to page until you see this and perform the steps:


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