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What is a Matrix (aka Wealth Distribution System)?

You see / hear me writing / speaking about this all the time these days. But what the heck is a Matrix?

Besides a very cool movie trilogy?

What is a Matrix?

There are plenty of videos on YouTube who describe this payplan phenomenon, and it’s good vs. bad characters versus other more traditional payplans. But a text based explanation is really simple (or has been made simple by DCC; they use a 4×7 matrix):

A matrix isn’t anything complicated. It’s just a way to organize referrals and provide the most wealth to the most people. The “7” in a 4×7 is the number of levels in a network. You’ll receive commission for your referrals, their referrals, and so on through seven levels — your “downline.”

The “4” is where our spillover feature comes in – everyone’s first level is made up of four people. After those four, the next person spills down a level to share commissions with your downline. This happens again and again for seven levels, and remember, not only do you spill people downline they’re spilled to you from above as well! Commissions are paid seven levels upline from wherever the referral is placed.

Can you see how this works in your benefit? So instead of having to ‘recruit’ anyone, you can use the power of a total network of people, sharing products/services they love with others who do the same thing. And for those who now think:

HEY! That looks like a Pyramid!

Yeah you’re right. Infact it even IS a pyramid. Like any other corporation, democratic government, the army or any distribution network on planet earth. What these have in common with what we’re talking about here; they are not illegal. They can be used to do good or bad.

“What companies use a Matrix Based compensation plan?”

Glad you ask! Many actually.

It’s nothing new, it’s been around for at least two decades that I’m aware of.

I joined my first Matrix based company in 2002. The problem back then, and still is today, is that just because a ‘company’ or institution uses a matrix based compensation, doesn’t make it a legit or suitable for you.

How do you mean?

When proper value is exchanged. And I mean stuff you would pay for even if it didn’t have a compensation plan? Then you’re “safe”.

However if you join a matrix with a sole purpose to make money from either spillover or not? And/or you joined a matrix which has no clear value proposition (and you joined a scam). Then a matrix isn’t for you. Yet many people join these ‘things’. Only to see there a dreams/goals go up in smoke again once more.

“Which Matrix based companies do you promote?”

You can see them here. But a short list of my top 3 is (sorted alfabetically):

  • 4Corners AG | 4×6 matrix | cost to join: $18 one-time, as all other fees are paid from income.
  • Domain Cost Club | 4×7 matrix |  cost: $99/year to join, to earn upto $25 per person
  • IC-Toolsuite | fast 2×3 matrix | cost to join matrix (depends on your budget): $25 / $100 / $300 / $500 / $1500 / $3500  … to earn 300% and get a free new position on a new board + all other kinds of product upgrades per level.
  • Stiforp | fast growing 2×14 matrix | cost to join $149/year to earn upto $2,047 per month without any recruiting
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To join all of them? Takes an one-time out of pocket expensive of ~ $300 = 250.

So you don’t have to break / rob the bank.

Conclusion: ‘wealth distribution systems’

If setup correctly. Which is why I’m so adamant at building FMC. But before even launching we first — as a network of people — have to get to what I call “Critical Mass”. Which is to build a mastermind / peergroup with people who pre-enrolled, and are ready to start sharing with others. Otherwise offering a layer on top of that? Makes no sense whatsoever and just causes overhead nobody is waiting for.

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