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Troubleshooting WordPress White Screen of Death [SOLVED!]

At first I thought it was just me experiencing ‘blogpost saving issues’.

But it has been brought to my attention how blog visitors experience the same!

WordPress White Screen of Death

The Problem(s):

  • At every new blogpost I post or edit, I have to resubmit the page … and then all goes well
  • and in case of viewing a blogpost, I then have to reload the page so to fix it.

NOT GOOD! So why does it do this? Where does it go wrong And how to fix IT …


What I’ve tried so far and has had no effect:

  • disabled CloudFlare (CF)
  • disabling addthis code
  • disabled CF’s recommend QuickCache (QC)
  • disabled a bunch of new plugins (header/footer plugin, and all unused ones)
  • monitor server statistics, but still has plenty of free RAM and not using swapspace
  • no spikes in traffic and plenty of diskspace

Next step is to enabled WP debugging I guess. /me = lost

Hmz … got a clue anyone? Do leave a comment please!

Troubleshoot Part Deux

based on comments and skype communication … and after a short AFK.

  • increasing WP and PHP memory limit didn’t help (although an useful setting)
  • and then it hit me, that it could be a conflict between CF minify and QC. And it ain’t smart to use both at the sametime anyway. Already got CDNJS. So disabled QC, and things have improved a little. Will keep monitoring!
  • Conflict amongst plugins? Highly unlikely. Unless …
  • so which plugin got updated recently? iThemes security! So currently working on the settings with that.

First a good night’s sleep though. To be continued tomorrow!
If you have any further suggestions? Please do leave a comment!

Troubleshoot Part Trois

If that doesn’t do the trick? Then creating a tester.php file with this source:

error_reporting (E_ALL);include('index.php');

or edit wp-config.php with:

ini_set('display_errors', 1);
define( 'WP_DEBUG', true);

to provide the actual information WHY it crashes or will crash next time. Little too late for that now As it seems to be fixed; so probably a combination of things: double Minify (QC + CF) and/or PHP settings.

Useful Resources

Third link talks about more what has been referred to in the comments.


Updates based on Feedback

Try increasing the MEM limit of WP in wp-config.php

define(‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ’64M’);

And increased the memory_limit in php.ini from 128M to 256M. Which fixed it!

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