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Stop paying attention to dreams. They don’t mean anything and ur waisting …

With my renewed enthusiasm to start blogging, and how we all know that things tend to get lost on FaceBook timelines. I feel the need to share this with everybody with regards to a response I got in a chat conversation with somebody I hold dear on the 6th of December 2015.

failure-successDreams and Visions …

Stop paying attention to dreams. Don’t mean anything and ur waisting ur time and ur energy.
Sounds like somebody who hasn’t read Think & Grow Rich yet from Napoleon Hill. Although I told them to :-p

You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink

Proofing again how you can point people in the right direction, but it they don’t do what’s required to become successful? Which is putting the right information in their brain? They will indeed give up before ever getting started. Which is also what I shared into a coaching group I’m active in as a teamleader about a week ago, with regards to “JUST DO IT”.

How to solve the puzzle

Yes that’s overly used phrase, which is very true and yet only covers 25% of success. The 3 steps prior to that are: dream, goal, plan … and then take action. Most people have dreams and a goal. And confuse being positioned in opportunity XYZ for taking action and then go run into all kinds of directions. But a goal without a detailed plan remains a wish. And that plan is what every opportunity offers but almost no one does. And IT doesn’t matter if someone is a customer, an internet marketer, business builder or networker. The challenge with a home based business, is you can tell people whatever. And if they don’t? You can’t fire them ;-) hence you can’t force people, and only guide them towards a way that’s proven to work. Will they do what’s in their best interest or take action into a different direction? That’s where results speak louder than anything else.


And yet … shouldn’t be confused with people who’ve had prior experience in something. Was just having a interesting conversation about that with John yesterday. There are many roads that lead to Rome. The destination is more or less the same for everybody; the journey towards it, is different for everybody. And there are definitely shortcuts, but to find the shortcuts you have to be willing to fail, experiment and spend loads of ‘learning money’. Or …. follow the Fast Start plan which is … free. And proven to work for those who don’t know anything about computers, technology, internet marketing prior to coming to opportunity XYZ.

FREE Download: Think & Grow Rich

P.S. Where to get think and grow rich for free? Oh I can send you the PDF. But where I got mine? Is opting in at the newsletter of one of my virtual mentors:

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But will you read them? x

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