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Options4All Mission Update for 2016

Update 26Jan16 (as featured on the just re-uploaded Options4All trailer vid):

What is and (going to be) about? Well that depends when you are ‘eyeballing’ this information, or might have heard about it before. As the idea of Options4All goes back way further than 2013. In 2008 I build my ‘tell-a-few’ website which is also what I wrote about here in 2012:

But for starters and what the video briefly touches upon: it was intended as a systemized approach to provide a cure to a hidden problem in the home & WiFi based business arena that most of you are familiar with in your teams, but are afraid to face; lack of results. And if you got any results in a short amount of time, then there’s the other problem; retention / customer loyalty and thus seeing your residual income go down the drain and having to rebuild your teams every single time. Why is that?

The cause: You can have a great teamleader/sponsor/visionair/CEO at the helm of anything, but if he/she doesn’t understand what’s possible with technology? Or the inability to explain it clearly how it benefits the masses step-by-step? Then you are setup for failure when this person launches anything online (and the reality of that approach is how the only bankaccount you will be building is theirs). Same goes for the most gifted programmer; if he/she has only recently started to understand the power of let’s say affiliate marketing? Then how can you expect to build a big networking team through viral marketing? And just because somebody can run a wordpress website, doesn’t mean they understand scalable cloud and VPS hosting technology … and security. And then there’s a large group of ‘entrepreneurs’ (read: scam artists) who have a great idea, maybe even have great intentions, but because they have no clue about law or business ethics; well … go figure.

The root of the problem: the amount of people who posses ‘the knowledge’ to converge all expertises required, to build a project that really does what you want it do; to get results short, middle and long term), are scarce. You can definitely recruit and find the required skilled professionals individually, put them in a room, only to find out you’ve created the next warzone. And even if they would work well together? The time and costs involved from project bed rock to skyscraper? Would be years; so nobody really tries. I wouldn’t either if somebody would ask; there are just too many hurdles to be taken. Well proven that again too hehe. So why I did anyway?  Cause after spending 20 years online building all kinds of marketing, training, duplication systems, wordpress consultancy, server administration as a freelancer for 5-6 figure per year income earners. I decided to retire from the ‘geek / nerd scene’ in August 2014. Freelancing and volunteering in many open soure communities has been fun, but residual income is so much more fun. Time to start thinking about my own goals, instead of realising others for a fixed salary. But … let’s close out with a big bang; 1 final project in the category ‘mission impossible’.

And this video trailer I created in April 2015, really talks about an idea and infrastructure, not the actual realization content wise. And don’t you just love the sound of deadlines passing you by? *woosh* Thus, it never really launched the way as intended. Every time during final testing, interesting problems surfaced that while trying to fix impacted core features in a bad way. For example? The failed attempt to merge Options4All technology into a side project I’m co-admin of. Of which you can read specifics at

So Version 6 — matching the last digit in 2016 — of Options4All really has been rebuild from scratch in only 30 days and what the ‘fuzz’ was all about as shared on my personal timeline yesterday: 

 … so I figured it’s a great time to reupload and feature this video. As a dream and vision is all it started with.

IMPORTANT: While I’m also still involved as co-admin, teamleader, Lead programmer and/or independent distributor in many home based business, direct sales and affiliate (JVzoo, ClickBank) opportunities . AND some of those are being endorsed from within the Options4All platform? It IS NOT or no longer a site for ‘opportunity seekers’, but much more aimed at professionals and entrepreneurs seeking for technical expertise. So, a new V6 feature like Options4All’s ‘Premium membership’ or the new webshop; is not going to be focussed on the masses. It can be, but our aim is to work with + build a long term business relationship with upto a maximum of 50-75 serious entrepreneurs who need an increase using technology as a catalyst. And thus I’m putting the entire focus (back) on what I once started with as a  to provide value added services around your needs vs. wants, showcases, scenario’s, my own outsourcing services and exclusive discounted partnerships with for example Google Certified SEO experts from … while keeping every promise I made on previous Options4All releases. As it does take teamwork to make the dreamwork; forming facultative symbiotic relationships creating the ultimate leverage to touch and impact more lives globally.

Infact, I’m currently moving Options4All as a registered company from my Dutch registered sole proprietorship to my international “Thrive Consultancy Holding”. As such, and of many changes and todo’s that still have to be made to the sites, there is no rush in registering for an account. Although it is one of the best ways to be kept in the loop. ;) Thanks for your time for reading all the way to the end.

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