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The Best (Top 25?) Video and Image Creation Tools All-in-1 place!

I just joined a supercool new video professional group on FaceBook:

and I posted this as a response to my warm welcome message:

[..] Just read the ‘mission statement’. Adding Value? Oh goody that’s my middle name! Or could be Heya all I’m a pro nerd. Have a lot of mad skill in all kinds of areas but specifically interesting for this group would be video editing, subtitling, format conversion, video hosting, watermarking, trailer creation, streaming, embedding, green screen recording …. a lot and plenty of time to contribute. *edit* and love to learn more about video marketing, and how to brand myself more professionally on video.

And felt the need to contribute something. Which also might answer a question on anyone’s mind what EXACTLY is contained in ‘My Digital Rolodex’.

The Best Video Tools All-in-1 place (Top 25?)

So consider this a preview even if you haven’t joined the group (and leaving out the incentive I offer for members of that particular group only ).

Pro art work, trailers, vector images, etc.

and the rest of the platform.

Green screen recording

Only for the pro’s with Final Cut or similar software in the $1000s? Nope. Buy a piece of green cloth in the local textile store and purchase this piece of software: … JVzoo link. So that gains you the aforementioned benefits of my fiverr gigs.

Best Screen recording & editing software

Don’t buy any of these in the app stores or online, but keep an eye out on “software bundle discounts”. Got a mac? This site for example:

  • but my personal favorite for the past 3 years: … pro license only costs $15 per year. Do most simple post editing and watermarking from within the app, and the more advanced editing afterwards with camtasia.

Jing? Don’t bother. Google hangouts? Brrr. Not pro enough when doing tutorial recording.

Video ripping (from the web):

Many great tools available, been using 1 that covers all and includes conversion


Many apps available. But most of them are horrible in usability, stability, etc. I use …  it’s only reason I still have an old Windows desktop laying around. Has many great features, like peak audio file substraction, to time your subtitles better, of course SRT output, which works great with upload to YouTube, etc.

Video conversion:

The best video container

And a product I’ve been using for more than 4 years already). Anybody familiar with Vzaar or JWplayer? Both combined and so much with … JVZoo affiliate link.

DVD and BlueRay authoring

Buy a Mac, Windows is just silly for this purpose.

  • iDVD; dated the best ever for creating great instant results
  • Toast Titanium (with Blueray expansion) … don’t buy this in the appstore!  Search for bundles again or go to  Can be held than for $11.99 instead of the retail value.
  • Best video player:
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Image capturing

Best FREE image editors that rival photoshop?

GIMP? Sure I use that too sometimes; old habits die hard. But way better, easier and more powerful are:

And for Windows specifically I highly recommend you to checkout .. to do batch editing, create animated gifs, create fancy fonts on copyright free images, etc.

Compress your images to save space:

Have a wordpress blog?

Install 1 of these two (if you care about speed or SEO):

Like to do fancy things with SEO tags/titles or watermarking your pics with a text or logo after having uploaded to wordpress? Without altering the original? 1 free plugin does it all:

Looking for copyright free artwork? Many places to go through. You could plug into the free istock library that comes with GetResponse for example: … affiliate link. Btw did you checkout the new webinar platform that they launched a couple of weeks ago? So not only the best autoresponder on the planet, and easy leadcapture page creation but also doing webinars. Anyway free artwork combined with wordpress? Checkout this plugin: … extends your media library with flickr and a whole lot more. But wait! What happens if they take the image down? . Don’t have wordpress hosting yet? Plenty of parties to choose from I’ve been working with this organisation for 2 years already: … affiliate link. Which offers so much more supercool stuff for only $25 per month.

And can go on for a couple of days. But this covers most of the basics for pretty much everybody.

Final tip? That you’ve seen in action already? You know how annoying it is right to not be able to share the link of your company or affiliate product on FB? to the rescue! It’s not only a link shortnener like for example, but also a link cloacker, QR generator, advanced traffic statistics thingy. And it’s free.

Hmz … and that’s about it


Imagine what happens if the others members of the group start contributing? Time to join in at too. And to gain access to the full Rolodex? Click here.

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