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Rhyker Takes the Helm: At War with Time to Beat the Clock Fast & Furiously

Friday 13th May 2016 …

Featured youtube comes from an artile I wrote in April 2012:

The Value of Time

Mr. Ernst Borgnine (starring in the first 3 seasons of Airwolf) passed away at the age of 95 years. Regretfully — as it turns out — isn’t everybody blessed with a long healthy life. And yet that’s what I’ve been planning for backwards by setting up a CI (Curriculum Illusione) instead of CV (Curriculum Vitae).

So would you waste it? Let’s face it … we all do in the busy lives we all the seem to live in the information age. We take too many things for granted. Forget where our priorities lay. And the reality of things is simple; we all die someday. When we do, it’s about 2 things only;

  1. what will you be remembered by; aka leave a legacy.
  2. to give your loved ones great memories to look back upon.

If only … we could only buy more time to spend with for our loved ones.

The Bucket List

Time to get really serious;  The Time to Take Massive Action? NOW! And what do we need to tick if every item of our bucketlists in most cases? MONEY! Loads of it. As it’s not the root of all evil, but the root of all blessings. But how? Make money from home. There simply isn’t any other way to get it done faster. Which also means I cannot do it alone. We used to be on the same team, but ‘TeamConnectGiveShare’-mindset is about something else now. Live like you are dying? Hack NO! Live like somebody else is dying, while they are still in your life!! Then any excuse becomes a reason to work harder and smarter with like minded individuals.

Setup Masterminding TaskForce


I’ve setup a ‘bucketlist masterminding taskforce’ with people who understand what I’m on about. If you like to be included? PM me. If that’s not you / like to tell me how sorry you are / send prayers / etc. I don’t believe in god. What I do believe is how we are all connected on universal subatomic level (quantum mechanics stuff) and we CAN make a difference if we are willing to do whatever it takes.

Commander Rhyker’s Team Takes the Helm!

Time to Beat the Clock

For the past 19 months I’ve been working my ass off (16+ hours workdays); learning and experimenting with setting up large scale money leveraging platforms using all my 25+ years of tech, web and support experience. I’ve heard all the ‘you should take it easier / watch your health / sleep’-blabla. Can I work any harder. With the right motivation tunes?

Around 0m30s: “We can’t get enough speed in the turbines to start-up hawk!” OH YES WE CAN!

Not by working any harder, but by working smarter! Thus I’m no longer interested in anyone’s BS reasons / delays in whatever.

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At War with Time: Fast & Furiously !

Around 1m03s Ernest Borgnine says it beautifully:

“Now look, don’t give me any bull about your priorities Archangel, not when it concerns …” FAMILY!

While keeping my integrity BTW; any customer’s experience is part of the total experience to leave a legacy. IC’s cloudbackup? To store and safeguard all those lifechanging memories. My IC hosted WordPress blog? Document the journey (as I have for a decade already). I’m going to use all my leverage as a nerd, call in alll favors, set all differences with whomever aside, hit the phones like a nutcase, blast out all email lists, deploy large scale … everything. If that’s something you can relate to? Then it would be awesome if you could commit. If you’re doing / running business as a hobby or just making money on the side? And not interested in changings 1000s of lives in the process? No problem. Just let me know. Infact don’t let me know. Not interested in why you want to play small or slow. Time is finite and the stakes just got raised.

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