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TeamBuilding and First Mover Advantage Demystified

This article was just published literally 1 hour ago into our ‘Secret’ FB coaching group. That is really worth sharing publically. Although some links and names have been hidden. Thus to get the full story? Make a $49 decision by partnering up with one of the leaders on our team through:

Hellooo! Just found myself re-editing something so many times that instead going to write a separate post about it Hmm just finished thinking out loud. It’s a BIG novel But worth it to read? Well you will know once you finished reading hehe.

So … couple of days ago I already ‘demystified’ the bullcrap called “power of two” and what you should focus on instead. Now let’s do a follow up to the just released *secretive* vid: *** … to demystify ‘FMA’. As my family has just gone to bed again too early, or am I up working too late (again)? And yes although I could move the laptop downstairs — as that’s what laptops are for; I have a couple more devices attached to it that I cannot moved around so easily — SO let’s do a textorial instead. Which won’t interrupt you listening to your favorite music either when you’ve finished watching those two vids.

“FMA” … copy/pasted from a management blog somewhere … “is a term that refers to the arrival of a company, business or anything along those lines to a market, the company moves into a market as a first mover hence making it’s place somewhat like a monopoly. First mover advantages are many, but so are it’s disadvantages. Companies who participate in this practice generally tend to make a good name of THEMSELVES, develop a brand name, get a loyal following.” Source:

Now let’s get down to the meat and potatoes. Back by factual truth based on decades of experience by working, for, with and through the wrong kind of people in MLM or as an outsourcer.

There are so many people — which indeed is one of my keyphrases — who look up to the wrong kind of ‘leaders’. When someone you usually don’t know, but follow around online regardless, cause you see them making $300+ per day consistently? Makes them indeed a 100,000+ per year earner. That however does NOT mean they are a leader. A (servant) leader is somebody who’s able to duplicate / teach others. Hence why MLM and internet marketing are two totally separate worlds. MLM is about duplication, to hit the bigger numbers by building a network of customers. Internet Marketing (IM for short) is about driving hardcore traffic to a sales page -> leads -> conversions -> make money. There’s a huge difference between being a 6-figure earner in IM vs. MLM. As what you don’t see, is how much money an IM person has invested into traffic. To bootstrap a typical IM aka affiliate marketing business to get 6-figures in sales? equals purchase of traffic of a minimum of high 5 figures. Hence the profits? Are a fraction of what you can do through MLM … although takes longer to build.

That’s what also attracted me to James his BST training page BTW that I’m currently upgrading.

Finally somebody that’s using the collective power of a group of professionals to serve the many beginners, and by deploying simple IM training for everybody to ‘win’. Where my definition of winning is to teach people how to run break-even on their business costs. Making money is easy! Running break-even on residual costs? Well if everybody would be making profits …

Now, depending on how long you’ve been in this BST coaching group you might have heard me ranting a couple of times very ‘agressively’, for you to start doing what’s necessary for your own success. No worries I removed those vids to keep the peace hehe. But why was I ranting? Oh … you know … financial stress is the root cause of unhappiness aka emotional stress. As what’s missing for me to carry the entire team from zero to hero in less than 90 days now and into the future? Means to develop certain things to bridge gaps on problems you will get (without you knowing about it now), and I like to prevent / bypass them. And to do that have to purchase certain technologies to embed them into the many of our sites that you can use already. What or who is paying for that? What or who is paying my other bills? What’s paying for development? What’s paying for, etc. ? Or more specifically … according to my roadmap I was supposed to purchase a building block last month that has a trial of $500 the first month, and thereafter costs $2500 per month to maintain. Didn’t have the money back then and still don’t have it. And even when the upline would chime in (as shared in the description when you click the v3 group banner)? It still wouldn’t be enough. But through ingenuity found a supercool work around. So that has worked out great again.

But … I could also have done something else. When you did watch the video with the cute bunny I just uploaded to the group? And you should do that first; otherwise the rest of this textorial will make no sense … then here’s a non-retorical question for you Why do you think I haven’t send that video email to the 648 imported stiforp contacts? And to the 900+ people in my IC downline, nor the 300+ people in my DCC downline to get positioned and/or repositioned with all 3-5 of them? As that would generate all the funds I need to realise everything I shared thusfar into higher gear. Nothing wrong with been a little selfish / self serving at times, right? Myeah well that’s not a little .. that’s a gain of close to 2000 people times an average fast start of $100 in all 3 companies equalling $200,000USD. With an one-time investment of $0 as the first 30-days in that videomail solution company is free. That would get everybody’s attention when I share ‘payment proof’ to have more people partner up with … me. Why with me in that case? Well if there’s nobody on the team doing what’s necessary for their own success; let alone other people’s success … then why should I give away quality contacts through the rotator? Because people that position through me expect to get access to the coaching that made me successful, through you. It’s plain simply what I expect when I partner with somebody, and hence don’t as I can smell they are ‘after’ my money for their personal gain, and not to help me become successful.

My philosophy on servant leadership is ‘slightly’ different (understatement of the century) I want to get to ‘the top’ or the finishing line not on my lonely self, but with a whole group of people. So we can reap the rewards and celebrate together, even when that entails I have to do all the work first to carry you all my back. Go watch “death crawl” on youtube to get a visual presentation of what I mean by that, as that’s literally what’s going on.

Which also means that first mover advantage in the online making money scene? Is a fairytale that I won’t sell to you. As to position TOO EARLY? As the cost that come with maintaining the business when you haven’t made profits yet? Is a reason to quit. And many people do. Hence the 95% failure statistic. Is it my job to teach people? No. If companies — next to giving you the tools — would also develop the proper training that would focus more on value instead of profits? And some of them are starting to do exactly that? But not all of them, then … so I put that challenge upon myself, as I’m soooo fed up with seeing people struggle and being unhappy or fail. Which runs back to something else. Let’s get very personal again, about where I’m coming from: 8 years ago when I was engaged in a very happy relationship with the most beautiful woman at the time; ‘marriage’ material, to grow old, etc. ? I witnessed upclose what prolonged financial stress does to parents, and the effect it has on children during childhoods and the effect that has later on in life with — in her case — Post Traumatic Stress Disorder through abusive parents. So when — due to all kinds of ugly reasons — I was forced to separate from her for repetive bad behaviour after having depleted all options including group therapy, counselling, etc. I made it my mission to kill financial stress for parents. I can’t solve the macro economy and global crisis, but I can teach people how to earn $200-500 per month. Duplicate that and create a ripple for positive change. Easier said then done? Yap Believed it was possible, had a vision for something, had to struggle to get that vision into effect and here we are Allllmost a reality.

Infact, some of you I don’t know me that well yet, about my work ethic, and what else I do for my teams? Is incentives … on top of everything companies offer. But they are based on production or performing certain steps. When there’s no production or positioning? Then my hands are tied. You take two steps? I take more, so together we can help more people and create massive leverage for great positivity and change. Need a practical example? Sander, recently joined me in Stiforp, already was with me in IC. And by just positioning for a business center to unlock access to a particular set of product benefits in what’s called ‘the manager level’ which carries as $300 one-time cost. That he needed to get anyway to also set himself up for earning $900 paydays over and over and over again. As I have already as shared on … which is a Stiforp generic leadcapture page. That no one but the people in our BST team — who are rotator qualified by having completed the fast start docs here in the group — can share on FB through something that took a week of full-time work to figure out, so now you don’t have to and can just follow Stiforp training. Setup a link like that by replacing “rhyker” by your stiforp username and there you go.

In case you wondered what this was about shared on my FaceBook Profile timeline:

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Ehm … sidetrack so what was I writing about? Oh yeah Sander. So I didn’t have to offer the incentive. No one else does these type of crazy things. The only leader I know who did something similar is by rewarding the top producers in his team. Sander only had to pull out his creditcard; pay $300 one-time. Which in turn helped me complete a pay cycle again to get paid $900. $225 of that money is going towards purchasing him a refurbished HP workstation laptop with SSD, etc. on MY expense. The same laptop that I’ve been using for the past year that makes all this possible. HOW EXCITED would you be to receive a free laptop? Am I going to do that again anytime soon? Well … and here’s again … IC made some changes to their product line and training. Change is always difficult. I understand what they are trying to do, and fully support it (and am in contact with their CEO too). As in the ‘new’ IC you keep what you had and what they added? Is so fucking amazing. But if you don’t understand how to utilize it? And they do explain it, but not in a newbie friendly way. People quit. Downlines drying up. And hence Sander hasn’t received his laptop yet. Because every dollar of my own money including ALL the income that I’ve made over the past 3 years? Has been going towards … CCM. To solve all these issues plaguing the entire industry. So Sander? I haven’t forgotten about you mate, and you will still get that laptop before the end of year! With xmas or perhaps as early as with St. Nicholas on the 5th of December.

Almost midnight. Hmm I’m going back to coding. Need something useful to do? Tune into *** … don’t confuse reading my sincere stuff with work. As reading this is non-income producing activity, but should get you the vision and belief, to get the exciting feeling in your belly to do what’s required so we can change the planet … together.

Infact once I hit 4-star? As shared in this BSTv3.0 doc: ***  … then I’m not going to use those $1 overrides into tools investments, but to get a new peer-to-peer on BTCjam as shared of $12,000 to further invest into BST.

And what do you have to do? Get 3-star plus membership in Stiforp as explained here (costs $200 one-time to be grandfathered in for an entire year), spend 30 minutes per day in this group, do what I tell you to do. So you can leave all the worrying to me ;) 

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