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All-Time Top 3 Generic Video Hosting and Marketing Best Practices for Businesses

I’ve just received an invite to join a Youtubers hub. Don’t you just love the social media influencers community too? Whats the hub invite about?

A community for Youtubers to grow. Help each other get to new levels of success.

Awesome! Except I do not have a YouTube account any longer myself. Great to be recognized as an video ‘expert’ I guess?

It did motivate me to create this post. So whomever invited me, thank you! On behalf of many users still struggling with the usual suspects. So let’s get started with sharing a couple of best practices for out-of-the-box thinkers who like results at the bottom line without spending a fortune.

Top 3 Best Video Hosting and Marketing tips

As awesome as YouTube is from a viral and monetization point of view it has a couple of huge drawbacks for video content professionals. One of them is inability to replace videos with better versions of recorded video, annoying ads, and distraction to other vids losing your audience. Most of you probably also know about platforms like FB video, Vimeo, Wistia, or any proprietary MP4 / MOV hosting solution with or without JW player. All great, all serving specific needs. However if I can throw in a couple of tips you will thank me for later?

Tip #1: Superior Video Hosting solution for Businesses

Have a serious look at … yes thats a reflink, but will gain you some additional perks you wouldn’t get otherwise. As I’ve been using their services since 2014 next to all ** other platforms. Yap it can interface with your YouTube channel and invidual videos. It also gives access to features that will simply make you drewl. Don’t take my word for it though. Although uptil 2017 my testimonal was featured on their site for a reason!

<<screenshot coming soon>>

Have a look at the site, features list and create a free voo trial account.

Tip #2: Video Upload and Marketing on Steroids

**) When you’re really serious about creating viral videos with or without voo? Checkout …. seeing is believing. It allows you to upload your video once, create the proper description and keyword tags and HVC will upload it on auto-pilot to 20+ video hosting solutions including youtube, vimeo, dailymotion, behance, social media, and … your WordPress powered blog attached your EK profile.

Like targetting specific audiences a heck lot more? Have a look at the (free) Chrome extension called “Keywords Everywhere – Keyword Tool” and/or visit their website: to learn more about how to get free search volume, CPC & competition data for almost all the keyword research tools out there!

Tip #3: Keep up with your Video subscriptions

Last but not least, having trouble keeping up with all the YouTube channels you’re subscribed too? Link those with any or all other WordPress, Medium, Forbes, etc. news feeds into this free news aggregator:

Alright, back to creating more video content to pay our knowledge forward to our audiences. Hmz should create a blogpost out of this myself and create an EK mission hehe. Thanks!

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