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Best Free Web Hosting Control Panels to Manage Servers & Hosted Services

A professional administrator uses management tools to increase his system’s efficiency. It’s no different for webserver stacks on our servers. Been using Cyberpanel since the 1.x branch extensively, and I like the performance, what I like less is slow update schedule and ongoing bugs that not solved fast enough. In areas of for example backups and migration.

Time to have a look at what alternatives there are in 2021. Last time I did a comparitive research like this I switched from using NGINX (2015-2017) to Litespeed (2018-2021), when everybody was still stuck at Apache. So you might learn a thing or two in this blogpost.

Prelimairy Researh list

In no order of preference (yet):

Update: when highlightened in bold? That’s something I definitely like exploring later!


Based on these resources:

My research requirements

Preferably a controlpanel for me has to have ..

  • WHCMS provisioning support
  • NGINX and/or Litespeed webstack

Best Free Web Hosting Control Panels to Manage Servers & Hosted Services

Working on IT! Thus  far I really love what I see at aaPanel !

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