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The Best 15 Teamviewer Alternatives of 2021 incl. Zoom User Review

Already thoroughly researched this subject a couple of months ago, and I thought everything covered until I was just setting Bookly Pro plugin. Thoughts: “Bummer again just Zoom, wouldn’t it be cool if it featured a TeamViewer API connection process.”

The Best Teamviewer Alternatives of 2021 User Review

To cut a long story short. In my humble opinion, TeamViewer has had zero competition, for at least the past decade, and the reason for it is they move along with the requirements of the serious system administrator userbase.

Remote Monitoring and Management

In 2017 when contemplating to reboot my Remote Support services, I ran into then separate IT brain services. I was already be using the beta of Avast Business cloud: a nerd wet dream coming true.

This is exactly what I had on my service roadmap. In 2020 it became part of the TeamViewer experience.

Lets see how things have evolved the past few years:

Zoom Remote Control Review

Hmm what if Zoom has smartened up during Corona? And I actually .. let’s google. WTF?! It exists!? Or is it clickbait?  Not sure for how long but this video of 10 minute of May 2020 goes into a couple of features.

Makes Support as Easy as 1-2-3!


Zoom Remote Control thoughts

Zoom Remote Desktop Support for both Windows and Mac Control; awesome!  What I get from the vid that its multi monitor support is rather limited, but it looks perfect for indeed most remote desktop support features. Plus as almost everybody now uses Zoom or at least has heard about it, opposed to when I started using Zoom back 2017. It has little to no fear (like Teamviewer did back in the days). Promising!



TeamViewer Alternatives: 12 Best Remote Desktop Software


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