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My Dutch/NL WordPress Plugins Translation contributions: July 2021

What started as a frustration back in December 2015, has turned into relaxation. Occasionally, usually on a monthly basis, I translate ‘a few’ WordPress plugins and/or themes in the WordPress repository which I use enthusiastically myself.

Last month I think I might have broken a new personal record in translated strings and also the sheir amount of plugins. Not sure if I can or even want to triump that this month. Lots of things to do project wise and oh so little time.

My Dutch Plugin translation contributions July 2021

In no particular order, and only mentioning those who I got upto / above 95%, for the initial language pack to be generated ..

SVG Support

Featured Image from URL (FIFU)

Force First and Last Name as Display Name

Sendcloud | The all-in-one shipping platform for WooCommerce

Code Snippets

Dynamic Conditions


Direct Checkout for WooCommerce

WPS Limit Login

WPFront Notification Bar

AffiliateWP – Blocks

AffiliateWP – Starting Affiliate ID

AffiliateWP – Affiliate QR Codes

AffiliateWP – Order Details For Affiliates

AffiliateWP – Affiliate Area Shortcodes

Coupon Generator for WooCommerce

PW WooCommerce Gift Cards

HubSpot for WooCommerce – CRM, Abandoned Cart, Email Marketing, Marketing Automation & Analytics

WP Mautic

Mautic Integration For Fluent Forms

Integration with Mautic for WooCommerce – Open Source Marketing Automation

AffiliateWP – Allow Own Referrals

Easy Digital Downloads – Simple eCommerce for Selling Digital Files

Disable Widget Block Editor

Elementor Website Builder

WordPress Slider Block Gutenslider

Visual Link Preview

My NL Theme translations July 2021

Hello Elementor


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