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Funding Basics: about Wallets, Exchanges and more

Bitcoin Wallets & Exchanges

Proper introduction coming soon … however it’s important right now. To setup all the wallets to start your online earning venture. And when you have them already? Fill in your reflinks. So people you refer to this site? Position with you. It won’t make you rich, or perhaps it might? As CoinBase — for example — gives you $10 for every user your refer. That quickly adds up.

The other ones are not Bitcoin wallets strictly speaking, however they will come in handy when you browse through the rest of this site.


Company Founded: 2013

Headquarted: USA

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Solid Trust Pay

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Local Bitcoins

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Note: After you setup your account and have gone through KYC? You need to manually activate your affiliate account, by going to

AltCoin Wallets & Exchanges

Coming soon!

For the moment focus on mastering Bitcoin first.

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