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What happened to ASIC miner Shop The Netherlands / Europe ?!

*** The reason you’ve reached this page is probably because you were trying to access one of our domains *** A short lived project: ASIC Miner Shop The Netherlands. How it got started …

Infrastructure, contacts … everything was ready to launch and I did, cause there was no reason not to!

What happened ?!

But as most things in crypto currency land; they are going fast.

So here’s the thing … I started ASICminerShop out of frustration. But if there’s something I cannot deal with? It’s the constant stress and uncertainty when orders will arrive. I’ve been told that it only take 5 days shipping after payment. OKay … but in reality it’s 8-14 days.

It’s messing with my miner profitability flow, but also has a negative impact on my personal brand when selling to others. Another order finally was shipped, but when it will arrive? No clue. All this negative stuff is impacting my other businesses too; and it ain’t worth it!

So I’m going back to what I do best; provide you support and reviews where to get the best miners, for the lowest prices, and more importantly how to quadruple your profits.

And it’s coming a LOT faster than any of us have anticipated.

Been asked to take on a few BIG projects

I was talking about it for a while to setup a webshop, but nobody thought I actually would. Once I did, new doors suddenly opened that previously were shut. I got asked to get closer involved in a few exciting projects, that are exactly about what I want to realise for others; decentralised banking, community, etc. as a bigger part of a crew / team, instead of lonely road.

But also …

You don’t learn by reading! Well okay to a certain extend we do. But there comes a point where it’s all about doing. And picked up a few trends.

Coin prices decreasing … or not?

Back in June the scrypt coin value was high and miners were cheap. In July the scrypt coin value (yes almost all coins) dropped in value rapidly. Cause? Mining altcoin and payout in bitcoin (huge dumping of Altcoin)? Or … ? We will never know for sure. The equipment we once loved in that short period of 3 weeks is no longer profitable. Happens in mining county.The alternative? Is education … did you know that you can mine with 200% more profits than by using multi mining? Something I’d love to teach you.

Uncertainty around delivery dates

MinerEU says they ship within 5 days after receiving payment. In reality it’s 7-15 working days. Cannot run a business on that. Moreover GAWminers offers more for a lot less; 24hours guarantee of activation.

19-21% Discounts and shipping issues

But with increase in VAT — here in Holland — means a 21% increase in prices. It’s close to impossible to compete with the ‘black market’ and exporting countries in Europe were VAT is not an issue. Basically — as a consumer — you get the cheapest prices in a country outside your own. Hence — although the crypto currency market is huge in the Netherlands — you shouldn’t ship there. So … shipping internationally brings a whole bunch of transport issues, RMA stuff, etc. And GAWminers does things much better. Hack that what’s I purchase myself, thus why advice otherwise?

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Superfast miners coming in August

 A lot of people still live in the ‘gridseed g-blade’ age. Everybody else have their eyes fixated at Zeusminer. As they were one of the most successful manufacturers the past few months. With a new month around the corner? Around 5 new manufacturers are skipping 40nm ‘die size’  (Zeus is still using 55nm in both) and going straight to 28nm. That will shift the entire market. And makes it impossible — for 1 man show — to support and keep up with everything. P.S. I’m not just talking about the Vaultbreaker, I’m talking about cheaper and faster miners ….

Energy prices decrease ?!

Another recent trend is hosted miners. A phenomenon that existed for a long time already, but when GAWminers partnered up with Zenminer early July, it wasn’t just one of the most succesful launches ever. With $1 per day to cover power costs for huge miners and 25% discounts on miners to let them host for you, it’s 3-times cheaper then hosting yourself here in Holland, save shipping costs, etc. So hosted mining went from useless to top of the list.

Transition from Sales back to Support

6 months of prep, 96 hours of webshop programming, a whole bunch of new contacts and 14 days of problems in supply. Yup time to take this learning experience with me, onto the next challenge where I can leverage on other people too … instead of just myself. Running a webshop as one-man show? Don’t recommend it. Especially not in a technology landscape that changes radically every 21-60 days.


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