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Ideas Worth Sharing: My Declaration of Intent April 2016

“It’s March 30th of 2016. Almost the start of a new month, and I’m still in FaceBook (groups)jail for 4 more days. So let’s make the announcement here”. That how I started this note on FB. 1 day later also created my first linkedIN pulse message. But let’s also publish it on my blog. Thus continue reading below […]

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What If … Options4All Can Become a Reality after All in 2016 ?

Introduction Hi there! Depending on when you first visited this website in the past 3 years? A LOT has changed. And it all based on 1 thought … What is your Idea to Change the World ? What If … … we could leave something behind before ‘kicking the bucket’ based on a  ‘tell-a-few’ idea […]

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Hello World! (again)

[:en] Oh shoot … *sigh* Yes I know a lot about wordpress, having used their platforms as far back as 2003. Yes I still do pro-bono consulting and give advice on all it aspects whenever I feel like it (or to help our #teamconnectgiveshare #ic4you team). And yet … Nope, I don’t have a wordpress […]

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Why vote for Earnie – Rhyker – Kasteleijn as Top 100 Internet Marketer of 2014?

As featured briefly already on my Google+ Profile: I’ve been nominated for a “Top 100 Internet Marketer of 2014”-award! How to vote? In 3 simple steps. Please visit this page: scroll down to when you see the red vote button and follow instructions in image: You can only cast a vote once and you can vote till […]

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Connect Give Share: Crowdfunding Opportunities

Earlier today this was still running at: But to keep you in the loop of progress, I’ve moved most of the content to this blogpost below: Crowdfunding Opportunities for a few exciting new cloud projects in 2015: TCGS, O4A, FMC … CrowdFunding Stage #1 Just finished writing the 1st business plan during xmas, and only […]

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