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Embed HTML5 Facebook CDN Video Hosting In WordPress

While everybody is trying to outsmart the Empower Network YouTube slap, by getting onto all kinds of different platforms (making more costs), I’ve been thinking how to do it better too … and based on the frustrations and lessons of several video hosting platforms I made a list of my requirements:

  • no ads
  • no distractions (related video’s or competing vids in sidebars)
  • HTML5 (ipad, tablet, etc.) video container
  • Ability for iframe embedding (as EN doesn’t support HTML5 video tags yet)
  • No difficult techy solutions
  • Viral platform
  • preferably non-commercial solution (easier to duplicate)

And it’s true I sorta gave up, but being referred to VooPlayer earlier this week gave me hope again. So instead of searching for something that fits my needs, I’ve been doing it differently.

What Do My Apps & Tools Support?

In this particular case I had a closer look at iMovie @ Apple iPad, which is my #2 workstation for creating video content, supporting:

  • Youtube … doh
  • Vimeo … nah costs money for the kind of content we use
  • CNN iReport … nah
  • Facebook …


Actually been using FaceBook a lot the past few weeks with regards to TeamTissa training video’s. Can’t share them outside the group though, cause they’re not “public”. Hmz … so that made me realise something .. and yes it works, yes it’s HD, no limitations, no related vids, totally FREE (& most people are have facebook anyway), support for all major apps.

How to Embed Facebook Video om Empower Network

Oh yeah that’s nice to know …

Open the video on your Facebook profile, and …

You then get html code similar to this:

<iframe src=”″ width=”1280″ height=”720″ frameborder=”0″></iframe>

In this particular instance it’s a 720p HD video, and that won’t fit a blog article, because as concluded earlier in the YouTube embedding article the max. dimension for width is 585. So that will result in a height of 329 pixels. So manually change that, go into “text” tab when writing a WordPress / Empower Network blogpost. And the end result is:

Pretty neat I dare say! Don’t you think? And yes that vid was created with these iPad Apps.

Update: oh o … it seems I made a huge error I concluded it was HTML5 compatible video content, cause it worked from my iPad when I was testing it. But was using Puffin (flash compatible browser). OOPS! Back to the drawing board? Nahhh Still got VooPlayer.

Additional Viral Traffic benefits!

And when video is done playing? And people click the vid? They go straight to your FaceBook profile (to comment or connect with you)! Other benefits: tagging vids with people you know on FaceBook, changing the time the vid was uploaded to reflect your journey in life / timeline (which is not possible with any other platform!). BTW here’s another thought … have you ever used the YouTube messaging system? I did once. That’s how I got into Success University 4 years ago But how many people do you know that use FaceBook messaging? Doh! FaceBook is definitely the better video hosting platform … and FREE!

How’s that for viral marketing! And it was here with us all along!

“You cannot do, what you don’t know about!” ~ Robert T. Kiyosaki … and now you know

What are the technical limits for uploading videos?

Short answer? None really. But when you look carefully … I only see benefits:

  • 720p max. resolution | good enough!
  • variable frame rate, with max of 30fps | which is great!
  • Support for a few dozen video formats, MP4 and mov recommended | awesome!
  • aspect ratio within range of 9:16 (0.5625) and 16:9 (1.7777) | widescreen is fine!
  • audio is resampled back from 22kHz mono to 44KHz stereo | so 5.1 downmixed to stereo
  • Recording time ??? | don’t know to be honest, my best guess is 20minutes. Long enough.
  • API ??? | Hmz … I found something, but that only applies to the old FB Video flash container. Not sure if there’s a container for FaceBook’s server.

More info in the FaceBook Audio & Video FAQ. Reasons enough for me to cancel YouTube!

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