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Suppose you travel a lot internationally, and you can’t or do not have the luxury of computer access anywhere to use Skype or some kind of telecommunication program. Yet you want to pickup phone calls, without the very high roaming fees. I also thought it wasn’t possible, until an entrepreneur buddy looked at me with amazement last night, that I never heard about United Mobile before:

Update: it might be worth noting, that people that call you on your United Mobile number, are actually calling internationally to a mobile number in Liechtenstein; and that ain’t cheap, not even with carrier (pre)select numbers.

Update 25feb09: oh you can also opt for a +44 (UK) instead of +423 (Liechtenstein) phonenumber. Calling to the UK is usually 70% cheaper, compared to Liechtenstein! There’s also the option to buy an UK number you need like spending an extra €25-50.

Update 26feb09: OK … I was a little fast in my assumptions, and incorrent again. +44 for UM is not the UK, but an island for the French coast, called Gersey (but colonisated by the UK).

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Serving The Planet
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