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My Top 3 recommendations for WordPress Social Login integration into WooCommerce

In case you are wondering, and you will eventually …

WordPress vs WooCommerce Social Login

What’s the difference between Social Login for WordPress, and Social Login for WooCommerce? Isn’t WooCommerce based on WordPress? Yes, exactly; its based on! Meaning WooCommerce extends WordPress with a whole bunch of new fields, like the one thats used during checkout, and most free plugins do not prepopulate the first and last name of a WooCommerce order. Isn’t that what you were trying to accomplish?

Shortlist of my Top 3 recommendations

  • [FREE] Heator Social Login
  • [$39/year] Nextend Social Login Pro

Nextend Social Login

I’ve been using and recommending this plugin for a looong time. Ever since back in the days I just got started with S2Member.

SM logins supported

  • Free version supports: FB, Google, Twitter (for WP-only)
  • Pro adds WooCommerce support and more options to long: LinkedIn, Amazon, VKontakte,, Yahoo, PayPal, Disqus, Apple and more coming soon


  • Free version available (but not for Woo support)
  • Super pretty and clean professional looks


  • Expensive I dare say for the Pro version: €53 for a single domain. €212 for upto 10 domains thus €21 per domain in bulk.

Heator Social Login


SM logins supported

Integrate Facebook login, Twitter login, Linkedin login, Google login, Vkontakte login, Steam login, Line login, Instagram login, Microsoft login (Windows Live login), WordPress login, Yahoo login, Dribbble login, Spotify login, Dropbox login, Foursquare login, Disqus login, Reddit login, Kakao login and Github login buttons


  • Totally FREE. No pro upgrade even available.


  • None?

WooCommerce Social Login


SM logins supported

Connects with Facebook, Twitter, Google, Amazon, LinkedIn, PayPal, Disqus, Yahoo, and VK.


  • Created by SkyVerge (a GoDaddy brand); makes a lot of high quality Woo plugins including Woo Memberships
  • A lot of custom coding snippets provided
  • Create case study information


  • Expensive at $79/year per site!
  • Limited login options for its price
  • Alignment of buttons is ugly


Which is one is best. The one that has the most affiliate commission? Note: all linked resource do not have referral links at the moment, but they might have soon!

It depends what you need. If money was no object I would buy the 10 sites license of  Nextend. Plain simply as its currently the only one that has the fancy Apple login. For which an Apple Developer account (priced at $99) is required.

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