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Getting a Logitech C200 webcam to work in Linux

My Logitech C200 (el cheapo) webcam is detected in Linux, but it doesn’t seem to work.
So let’s dig a little deeper. The built-in Mic works in the Skype test calls, but I don’t get a visual, neither do I see anything — except a white page — in Flash. Yet it seems properly detected as an “UVC Camera (046d:0802) (V4L2). The terminal command “lsusb” gives the following output:
   Bus 001 Device 008: ID 046d:0802 Logitech, Inc. Webcam C200
Hmm … should work then wouldn’t you say? Supported devices list confirms.
Further troubleshooting + trial & error:
  • different USB port … Skype video suddenly works! Flash still doesn’t.
  • is a great resource for testing.
  • It seems the wrong flashplayer is installed by default. Synaptic Packager Manager mentions “adobe-flash-plugin-32”. Replaced it by “flashplugin-nonfree” … no show.
  • ‘lsmod | grep uvc’ shows the proper uvcvideo module
  • Read somewhere the webcam window might be ‘white’ due to an inverted image. Installed “guvcview”, ran it … and error.
  • ‘rmmod uvcvideo’ && ‘insmod uvcvideo’ … guvcview works now. Flash still doesn’t.
Update: Haven’t been able to get it working directly from within Flash (after trying some other things). However using GUVCViewer Controls it works great when I select “FLV1” video codec. And I love the “mono” video effect as well. I can upload the .avi end result to Talk Fusion video library to sent out video e-mails. Talk what?! Checkout … you will absolutely love it!

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