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I am Linux Certified Professional level 1!

As of today I’m an official certified Linux Professional! When you have a look at the objectives of LPIC-1, it sounds easy, but trust me … it really isn’t. For example: you have to remember every single parameter of most used commands, and a lot of Linux legacy compatibility of the past 10 years.

My obtained LPIC scores (500 required, 800 maximum):


    • exam 101 on 16sep08: 470 = 59% (failed). Was officially ill at home, but we couldn’t move the exam anymore, so my manager and I agreed I should give it a try. Not a bad score concerning I could not learn because of headaches.


  • exam 102 on 24oct08: 630 = 79%. Nice result!



  • exam 101 on 29oct08: 590 = 74%. Expected to have a higher score, but got completely different questions then my first 101 exam.


Update 4nov08: Made the 000-190 IBM AIX Basic Operations V5 exam today, within 10 instead of the maximum 75minutes!! Exam score: 98% ! Needless to say, it’s a very nice start of my professional Linux/Unix career.

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