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My Achievements in 55 months MLM

Who are the toughest audience in Multi Level Marketing aka networkmarketing?

Who are the toughest audience in Multi Level Marketing aka networkmarketing?  Friends and family right? Especially when you — as I have — had to acquire  a whole bunch of skill I didn’t think I had or possessed.

So what’s the most asked question? “How much money have you made?” … while we all agree that money is not a goal but a means.

Well I’ve been in and out a lot of opportunities, always made more money than I invested, which — from a financial point of view — is what I call being successful. The MASSIVE success has been in other areas though:

    • enabled me to develop my leadership, communication, social skills
    • thanks to the previous mentioned skills I was able to have a 2.5 years relationship with a very cute, sweet and inspiring woman.
    • being able to meet and work with like minded inviduals; entrepreneurial spirit, coaches, leaders
    • travel the world, have loads of fun
  • living & working in London!

Without networkmarketing? I would be still sitting in front of my PC in some dark student room, probably doing what I did best; Information Technology. Completely missing out on the real-life world.

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