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My Office Space: August 2014 (Major ‘BadAss’ Goals Achieved)!

WOW! It was the “hardware jukebox”-show the past two weeks. Update 2Aug14: I finally figured out what it is I need and want hardware wise for the next few months to come. Read more about the due diligence here. Handheld devices Just 1, no tablets for me. Got something better for that. Read on … […]

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How to Build Your Own Bitcoin ASIC miner USB farm

Early 2014 — after much debate — I decided to become a co-founder of a new project called Bitcoin-Economy. Not that I needed another project or e-learning course, but getting paid to learn about something that’s an extension of what I’ve been interested about for a while? But this article is about something else … As I’m […]

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Dell D430 Hackintosh replacement?

A few months ago I already blogged about a possible upgrade path from a Dell D430 hackintosh. With preliminary support from the community for the Dell E-series, I’m reconsidering. Let’s first explain why I want to upgrade. I’m doing a lot of Adobe After Effects video creation, as well as webcast recordings, and the rendering times […]

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A hackintosh workstation recommendation

It has been only 4 months ago that I switched my 60GB Vortex 2 SSD with a 1TB harddisk and upgraded from 2GB to 4GB RAM. I’m super happy with my current setup, however my computing demands have shifted from creating simple website programming & creating slideshows, to Adobe After Effects & professional DVD compilations. […]

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