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Rhyker’s Apple iMac / Mac Pro Hackintosh Requirements for July 2014

Reading Time: 2 minutes Okay … so here’s the situation. I love my Delll “Dinosaur” model D630 with 256GB Solid State Disk. Everytthing you ‘ve seen so far was developed with it. Including: www.DigitalNomad.Pro EKPC.NL But the really cool stuff? Like this movie: was developed wtih Adobe After Effects.  And yes that was developed on the D630 […]

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How to Build Your Own Bitcoin ASIC miner USB farm

Reading Time: 10 minutes Early 2014 — after much debate — I decided to become a co-founder of a new project called Bitcoin-Economy. Not that I needed another project or e-learning course, but getting paid to learn about something that’s an extension of what I’ve been interested about for a while? But this article is about something else … As I’m […]

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Dell D430 Hackintosh replacement?

Reading Time: 6 minutes A few months ago I already blogged about a possible upgrade path from a Dell D430 hackintosh. With preliminary support from the community for the Dell E-series, I’m reconsidering. Let’s first explain why I want to upgrade. I’m doing a lot of Adobe After Effects video creation, as well as webcast recordings, and the rendering times […]

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A hackintosh workstation recommendation

Reading Time: 5 minutes It has been only 4 months ago that I switched my 60GB Vortex 2 SSD with a 1TB harddisk and upgraded from 2GB to 4GB RAM. I’m super happy with my current setup, however my computing demands have shifted from creating simple website programming & creating slideshows, to Adobe After Effects & professional DVD compilations. […]

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