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Rhyker’s Quick Benchmark Test Results of FREE WordPress Caching Plugins

Don’t have a lot of time right now to run full blown optimized benchmarks tests. However, as I’m writing this blogpost — not from within my WordPress Backend, but through something else (which I’m pulling together for ‘TCGS’) — I decided to blog about something useful, which is: the importance of having a caching plugin. […]

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Is there a Permanent Solution to WordPress “500 Internal Server Error” Deja Vu or just a Quick Fix ?

Right … Deja Vu This is exactly what went wrong at CycleClubMembers too. Which was the project that Options4All merged into during October 2015. And it was 1 of these problems (and a couple of others mentioned here), that made me decide to pull the plug on it. And focus on income producting activities instead. But […]

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Troubleshooting WordPress White Screen of Death [SOLVED!]

At first I thought it was just me experiencing ‘blogpost saving issues’. But it has been brought to my attention how blog visitors experience the same! WordPress White Screen of Death The Problem(s): At every new blogpost I post or edit, I have to resubmit the page … and then all goes well and in […]

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WordPress MySQL on Ubuntu Keeps Crashing? [Solved!]

As again shared on my FaceBook wall … WordPress MySQL on Ubuntu Keeps Crashing? uh o … high priority call coming in from another beautiful woman with the following problem: “Error establishing database connection” Not again … what could it be this time?! Hacked? Course not! It’s an ultra badassrhyker super secure server. So what it […]

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Why hosting WordPress for free at Ingreso Cybernetico + Free WP Plugins Lessons

Disclaimer: all opinions expressed are personal and every mention of “FREE” are complimentairy benefits is for our ingreso cybernetico team only (compliance webinar). Like to know more about the projects I’m involved in and how I can help ya? ;)

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